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Pilgrims of the Holy Family Handbook

Grade Level: All
Author: Kerry and Nancy MacArthur
Publisher: Catholic Heritage Curricula
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A Catholic alternative to 4-H and Scouts for boys and girls ages 10 and up!

This family activity program is designed to teach proficiency in a variety of life skills for the purpose of developing well-rounded young men and women. Highly recommended!

Theater, Astronomy, Architecture, and Swimming are just a sample of Achievements in five categories, or "Paths," designed to reflect our own pilgrimage toward our Heavenly Father. Each completed path forms a step named after the five pilgrimage sites of the Middle Ages: Canterbury; Cologne; Compostela; Rome; Jerusalem.

When two-thirds of the activities in a path are completed, participants advance to "Canterbury Pilgrim." After completing two paths, they advance to "Cologne Pilgrim," and so on. There's no "right" order to the completion of activities in any one subject area. This flexible program was designed to accommodate a variety of approaches. This ideal enrichment program is a family-focused, Catholic alternative to scouting and 4-H.

Use with your own family or combine with others to form a Multi-Family Group. The second edition features an expanded introduction, updated resource section, and helpful tips and suggestions to start your own Pilgrims of the Holy Family Group. Softcover. 124 pgs. 8½”x11”

High-quality badges are available to encourage, motivate, and reward.

Join the Pilgrims of the Holy Family Yahoo group to learn more!

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