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Blue Mantle Educational Supplies - is a family business promoting and supporting a homeschool lifestyle as well as a Catholic way of life. We support a 'Culture of Life' through books, resources, and curriculum for home educating families along with Catholic books, DVDs, CDs, and religious articles. It is owned and operated by Dan and Maria Killoran.

Our Family

Our family of eight children has now passed through the whole Homeschool experience we lived, and the way of life we promoted, since 1988.  They are now taking up their own lives and families and farms and ministries.  With our years on the farm behind us, our young puppy Crispin now keeps us company - along with the birds and small critters on our rural property.

We continue to promote home education as a vital method to help keep our country Christian - for the long haul.  As a Catholic family we make our community in Holy Cross parish Kemptville.

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