Q:  Where are you located?

A:  We live south-east of Kemptville, Ontario, about 40 kms south of Ottawa. See a map here.

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Q:  Is it possible to pick up the order instead of it being mailed?

A:  Yes, please phone ahead to let us know when you are coming.

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Q:  What are your hours of operation?

A:  Buying online, emails and telephone messages are 24/7 365. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST

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Q:  What payment methods do you accept?

A:  We accept Cheque, Money Orders, Bank Drafts, VISA and Mastercard.  Also, Cash and Debit when onsite.

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Q:  Can we arrange to pick up orders at the conferences?

A:  Yes. Please let us know your order some time in advance, so we can ensure we have the product in stock.

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Q:  How long does it take for an order to be filled?

A:  If the order can be filled with current stock, the order will be shipped to you within a day or two. If stock levels are currently low, it will depend on publisher's stock availability. We will do everything we can to get it to you in a timely manner. If we see it will take more than 3 weeks or more, we will call or email you. Please ensure your telephone number and/or email address are included with your order.

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