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Reaching Future Leaders Today

“a university student movement dedicated to evangelization – challenging students to live in the fullness of the
Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world”

Main website for CCO is here. Check it out!

CCO - Reaching OutOur son, Tim and his wife Janine, are active lay missionaries with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). Bringing Jesus Christ to our Canadian university campuses is work which is so much needed – to counter the culture that is invading our young people.  Their witness to a Culture of Life in this environment, as committed Christians, brings the foundation needed for proper post-secondary learning.

Full time missionary work does not allow the luxury of a full-time job as well. As missionaries, they must fundraise for the means on which to live.  Tim and Janine need your prayer commitment and your financial support.  Some of us might think that missionary work is something done in another country.  Well, times have already changed!  If the culture in Canada is not Christian-based anymore it is because we have lost our first love.  If we hope and pray that our country will once again place it’s feet firmly on the sure foundation of Christ, then we have a job to do – and please don’t leave it just for others to do.

Both Tim and Janine would love to talk to you about CCO, about the work they are doing, about the things happening on campus, and how you might help in this good work.  Contact Tim at and Janine at –   today. And don’t forget to ask about our grandchildren!