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Canadian Catholic Culture of Life Unit 1-1st ed.**


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Unit 1

In a systematic and chronological way, these unit studies explore the many facets of Canadian Catholic Culture.  There are some elements that are not solely Canadian, e.g. devotions or rosary mysteries, but they are an integral part of every Catholic’s prayer life.  Today, with all the influences of media, and secular culture, we need to understand the Catholic background of our country, and the many people who helped shape it.

These unit studies can be used for an individual student, a family or a homeschool group.  Each of the activities have several levels of understanding according to grades.  You can use them as a Canadian unit study in addition to a regular curriculum for your family. Or you can start with Unit 1 in Grade 1, Unit 2 in grade 2, etc.

They could also be done one after another, to get a broad overview of Canadian history.

The first four units deal with the different levels in the Church and corresponding levels of government in Canada. They also are based on the Church’s liturgical year.

Unit One deals with the family, the basic unit in both the Church and society.  Everyone needs to know who they are as members of God’s family.  In reality, that means being a member of many families!  We need to know our roots.  As we see our dignity as His sons or daughters, we can begin to learn how to live in our immediate family, fommunity, country and world.

There are many different elements to each unit.  You may choose not to use them all.  Check the information page on our website to see the different “threads” that weave this program together.

In Unit One , we learn about:

a) the Trinity and how They are the basis of all the other families.

b) Our Lady as Mother of God, in the Joyful Mysteries.

c) the Infant Jesus, and the angels.

d) Saint Andre Bessette and St. Joseph’s Oratory

e) Saintly families- Vaniers, and Legers

f) family traditions and Christmas

g) the sacrament of Baptism

h) a mission started by a young Canadian boy

i) Justice and Life Initiative: Being a member of God’s family