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Canadian Catholic Culture of Life Unit 2


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Unit 2 – Parish/Town

Table of Contents

Title of Our LadyOur Lady of Knock

Rosary                   –Luminous Mysteries

Devotion              –Brown Scapular

Saintly Canadian- Blessed Frederic Janssoone

Pilgrimage Site   – Cap du Madeleine

Sacrament           –Penance/Reconciliation

Sacrament           –How to Make a Good Confession

Justice & Mercy  –Dignity of the Elderly/Handicapped

Vocation Awareness-Contemplative Orders 

Saintly Canadian   –Blessed Marie- Anne Blondin

Work of Mercy       –Spiritual- Forgive Wrongs Patiently

Biblical Parish        –Jesus’ First Parish       

Our Parish              – The People in Our Parish

Our Parish              –Vessels and Vestments                                                           

Our Parish           -Our Parish Church

Town                         –Municipal Government                      

Mission                     –Canadian Food for Children

Work of Mercy       –Feeding the Hungry

Traditions                –Triumph of the Cross

Traditions                –Lent



 The pages are three-hole punched suitable for a binder.

In the Lesson plans, each of the above themes are developed more fully. The Lesson Plans also cover the Inuit and People of the North.

Lesson Plans are in a separate booklet. Inuit Art is included in the Lesson Plans.