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Our Lady of Guadalupe Colouring Book


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One day in December of 1531, as the 55-year-old Mexican Indian Juan Diego struggled along on his way to Mass, he noticed an unearthly cloud up on Tepeyac Hill. Coming closer, he saw a beautiful lady. She spoke to Juan, telling him she was the Blessed Virgin Mary and asking for a church where she could show forth her love and mercy. She asked Juan to deliver this message to the Bishop.When Juan arrived at the Bishop’s palace, the Bishop did not believe his story. The servants there were even rude to him. But Our Lady came again and gave Juan some beautiful roses-in December!-as proof for the Bishop that she had really come. But when Juan opened up his cloak to show the roses to the Bishop, the amazed Bishop stared at the inside of the garment: painted upon it was a beautiful picture of the Mother of God! Juan too was amazed. He burst out, “It’s the Virgin of Tepeyac! And just as I saw her on the little hill!” “My son, how we’ve misjudged you!” exclaimed the Bishop. “May God forgive us all….”Soon a shrine was built for the beautiful miraculous picture of Our Lady; there she would be known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Many thousands of people came to honor her. Our Lady was very pleased with them, and with her faithful servant, Juan Diego. Our Lady of Guadalupe would shower graces and blessings on her people there for years and years to come.