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I Have Decided to Follow Jesus …Now What? Keys of Discipleship


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I Have Decided to Follow Jesus… now what? reflects on what discipleship looks like in practical day-to-day terms. Christine Labrosse’s book brings to life over 30 years of mentorship summarised in 12 keys to discipleship. This book offers helpful reflections on how to be an authentic disciple through real and personal stories, as well as through wisdom from the saints and the Scriptures. By applying its lessons and pondering on the reflection questions, at the end of each chapter, these 12 keys will help you grow in your love for Jesus and become more like him.

“There is a lot written today about the need to become authentic disciples of Jesus, but precious little about the practical ways to live it out. Using Scripture, wisdom from the Saints, and personal examples, Christine Labrosse draws on 30 years of experience as a spiritual director and does
just that!  This small book fills a big need in the Church. Anyone who reads it and applies its lessons will grow in their love for Jesus and grow more and more like him.”       
Bishop Scott McCaig, CC Military Ordinary of Canada

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