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Brother Francis: The Story of Mary DVD


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Join Brother Francis as he celebrates the story of our Blessed Mother, Mary, and the very special role she plays in the Church and in all our lives! From birth to the assumption, witness the humble yet powerful way in which she partakes in the story of salvation!

This episode includes:

  • The Important Role of a Mother in each of our lives and the blessing of having a Heavenly Mother to watch over us.
  • Adam, Eve, the Garden and the Serpent shows us how Mary’s role in salvation history was both foretold and planned from the moment sin entered our world.
  • Mary, from Birth to Assumption tells us the highlights of Mary’s humble life from the time of her birth, to God choosing her to be the mother of His Son, and on to her assumption into Heaven, followed by her coronation!
  • Mary, Mother to Me is a moving, visual song highlighting the many ways Mary is a Mother to us all.

The Story of Mary is a wonderful way to help children and entire families learn about our Blessed Mother!