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Canadian Converts


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Canadian Converts is the first collection of conversion stories in Canadian literature. Eleven contemporary Canadians relate the stories of their conversion to the Roman Catholic Church in brief, yet intimate and vivid self-portraits. From very diverse religious and social backgrounds those men and women trace their paths to Rome through a secular environment of indifference or hostility. Their courage is a testimony to the liberating power and unchanging attraction of the truth.

The authors include

  • Conrad Black, financier and founding publisher of the National Post
  • Kathy Clark, mother of six children and author of two novels for children
  • Douglas Farrow, Professor of Christian Thought at McGill University and the father of five children
  • Ian Hunter, Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Law at Western University and the author of biographies of Malcolm Muggeridge and Robert Burns
  • Amy Lau, science teacher and the mother of five children
  • Richard Neuhaus, priest and founding editor of the magazine First Things
  • Eric Nicolai, priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei and an art historian
  • Jonathan Robinson, founder and superior of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in Toronto and the author of several works in philosophy and theology
  • Jasbir Singh, software engineer and father of two children
  • Lars Troide, Professor of English Literature at McGill University and father of two children
  • David Warren, founding editor of The Idler, and columnist for the Ottawa Citizen