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Saint Isaac and the Indians

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Over three hundred years ago, many Frenchmen came to the unknown forests along the St. Lawrence River. Most of them came in search of furs and wealth. But there were some–a handful of Jesuit missionaries–who came not to get, but to give. They wished to give the savage Indians the knowledge of God and of His love for them.

One of these missionaries was Isaac Jogues, martyr and Saint. This is the story of his dangerous and difficult life among the Indian tribes in their tree-dark country–of his work of conversion, of his efforts to teach the Indians rules of health and to set them free from their superstitious belief in the power of their medicine men.

This is the inspiring story of his enslavement by the Mohawks, his daring escape, and finally, his death as a martyr for the Faith. Milton Lomask was an instructor of writing at New York University’s Writing Center, and taught also at Danbury State Teachers’ College. His artices have appeared in such magazines as The Catholic Digest, The Sign, America, and The Rotarian.

Cover art by Chris Pelicano


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