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The Mitchells – Five for Victory

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The five Mitchell children are based on the author’s own family. In the first of three books about their adventures, Daddy has just gone off to World War II. One of his final words to his daughter Joan is, No dogs! She would dearly love such a pet, but life is full and so many new friends-pets as well as people-join the Mitchells, she hardly has time to think about dogs. The children form a club to do their part for the war-effort-first and foremost helping Mother, of course. Humorous and tender incidents combine with delightful illustrations to make the Mitchells truly unforgettable. Illustrated by the author.

This is the first book in the Mitchells Series.

The second book in the series is Canadian Summer.  The third book in the series is Friendly Gables.

Time Period: Early Modern Era (1500-1700 A.D.)   Modern Era (1700-1950 A.D.)
Ages 10 and up