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McCracken and the Lost Valley #2


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Seeking adventure? Look no further! The year is 1913: the place, Europe. McCracken, inventor, engineer, big-game hunter and faithful Catholic, tells the stories of his adventures in a series of novels made for everyone who loves adventure–but especially for boys.

September, 1914: McCracken’s worst fear has been realized, for war has broken out in Europe.In the turmoil that follows the outbreak of hostilities, the French Minister of War visits McCracken with a strange artifact: a piece of fabric that cannot burn, and cannot be pierced by bullets.Where can the Allies find more of this fabric? Can they find it before the Germans and Turks? Only McCracken and his allies, Ariadne, Sikorsky, Fr. Jamie Erickson, and, of course, Fritz can hope to unravel the clues that will lead them to the fabled Land of Prester John.