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Canadian Saints Kids Activity Book


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Canadian Saints Kids Activity Book includes a two-page biography of each saint to draw your child into their lives. Colouring pages by Katherine Babcock help kids picture each of the saints. Children will further engage in reflecting on these saints and their legacy through word puzzles, quotes, drawing and writing prompts, reflection questions, mazes, and other hands-on activities.

While learning about the lives of these saints, children will also learn about

  • Catholic mystics
  • sacramentals
  • spiritual communion
  • Rule of Life
  • corporal works of mercy
  • and more!

Six Canadian Saints

St. Marie of the Incarnation was an Ursuline nun and mystic who came to New France in the 1600s to teach the French and Huron girls. St. Marguerite Bourgeoys also came to New France to teach, but founded an uncloistered order of nuns who supported themselves to offer free education to the children of Montreal. St. Francois de Laval was Canada’s first bishop who also founded the first seminary in Quebec. These are the founding saints, who knew each other and worked together (mostly) to serve God in New France.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha was a Mohawk convert who lived a life of deep piety and holiness, and is the first North American saint canonized. St. Marguerite d’Youville attended St. Marie’s school just after that saint’s death, and then took over the General Hospital in Montreal and founded the Grey Nuns. St. Andre Bessette was a religious brother known for his trust in St. Joseph that led to many miracles of healing granted to those who came to seek his prayer and advice. These are the saints who grew up in the legacy of the North American Martyrs and the three saints above.

Together with North American Martyrs Kids Activity Book, these two books will teach kids about all fourteen Canadian saints. They will also learn about the deep faith of those who founded Canada in the 1600s, and the impact of that faith into the 1700s and even the 1800s and 1900s.

Canadian Saints Kids Activity Book can be used

  • as a unit study in your homeschool
  • in a kids’ church club
  • for All Saints’ Day party activities
  • and more!