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Prince Martin and the Cave Bear: Two Kids, Colossal Courage, and a Classic Quest #4


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Here’s an action-adventure from long-ago times. It appears to be prose-but it secretly rhymes.

Illustrations in color explode off the page. Even boys that hate reading are sure to engage!

At the circus, Prince Martin hears secretive talking. What he spies from the shadows is ugly and shocking, for a slaver is selling a blind little bear that is locked in a cage, sunken deep in despair. And the buyer’s the ringmaster, greedy for dough; he’s intending to make the bear part of his show. It’s a secretive deal, and they’re breaking the law.

The boy cannot unsee this bad thing that he saw!

So he hatches a plan: he will rescue the slave and then take him back north to his cold northern cave!

The boy frees the blind bear with the help of his friends.

Can they get the cub home?

It completely depends!

For the friends will discover their mission will hinge on avoiding that slaver-who’s bent on revenge.

He is deadly and dire with icy blue eyes.

And up north there are creatures of staggering size.

Can the boy and his friends keep the villains at bay?

Bring delight to a kid-buy your copy today!

The Prince Martin Epic series – Tales to Inspire Kids to be Brave, Loyal, and True.