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Prince Martin and the Dragons: A Classic Adventure Book About a Boy, a Knight, & the True Meaning of Loyalty #3

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Here’s a saga of heroes from long-ago times. It appears to be prose-but it secretly rhymes. Illustrations in color explode off the page. Even boys that hate reading are sure to engage…

Ancient dragons are coming to threaten the land.

The resistance has formed.

A repulsion is planned.

These two dragons have slumbered for two-thousand years. They embody the worst of humanity’s fears. Having dreamt of destruction and fire and smoke, a new cycle begins…

…for the dragons just woke.

And the deadly old drakes are the nastiest sort: they incinerate cities and slaughter for sport. Now they’re heading out west, these two blasts from the past.

Their intentions are cruel.

The die has been cast.

But a quest has begun for a shield and a spear-two legends, long lost, that the dragons still fear!

Now a Prince and his pals join this perilous quest to recover them both and bring hope to The West.

They have no way of knowing what fate has in store…

When kids finish this book, they’ll be begging for more.

Bring delight to a child-buy your copy today!

There’s adventure aplenty.

And dragons to slay…

The Prince Martin Epic: books to inspire children to be Brave, Loyal, and True.