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Prince Martin and the Last Centaur: A Tale of Two Brothers, a Courageous Kid, and the Duel for the Desert #5

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Here’s a high-desert showdown from long-ago times. It appears to be prose-but it secretly rhymes. Illustrations in color explode off the page. Even boys that hate reading will surely engage!

When a messenger reaches Prince Martin and Ray, they learn Kyron needs help, so they leave right away. For when Ray was a pup, Kyron served as his mentor; he was raised by a hero-the ultimate centaur.

The friends go to a desert-the Wilderness Wild-where Ray lived long ago…and they find it defiled. It’s now ruled by Marauders, a murderous gang that lives by the sword and the claw and the fang.

Could it be that the centaur is missing in action because of the crimes of this menacing faction? Can these rebels be stopped? Will the friends find a way?

And WHY does one rebel look so much like Ray?

In the Wilderness Wild, Ray discovers, at last, some mysterious clues that shed light on his past. A resistance is formed to stand up to the gang-whose leader intends to go out with a bang.

It’s a high-desert showdown. Each soul must decide where his loyalties lie when these forces collide…

Come and join the resistance with Martin and Ray.

Bring delight to a child-buy your copy today!

The Prince Martin Epic: books to inspire children to be Brave, Loyal, and True.