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Prince Martin and the Quest for the Bloodstone

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When a disgraced Treetender in search of a wondrous relic goes missing, Prince Martin and friends must journey to a faraway forest to find him. They soon discover that an unseen evil oppresses the gloomy wood. As the friends search for clues and uncover secrets, they come to a shocking realization: Unless they find the lost Treetender and recover the legendary Bloodstone, the forest faces an unimaginable fate…

If your son is a reluctant reader, the Prince Martin Epic series is a perfect fit because each book features:

◆ High-stakes action-adventure and danger

◆ Brilliant full-color illustrations that burst off the page

◆ Text that appears to be prose-but subtly rhymes, gently nudging the boy along as he is encouraged to find the next rhyme

This is the perfect formula for engaging boy readers.

Parents and grandparents will love this series because each tale contains a moral-without a lecture-that encourages the virtues of bravery, loyalty, grit, and compassion, which are character traits boys need to become good men. And each book in the series gets a bit longer and more epic, thus growing with the boy.

Ages 10 and up.

Read as a stand-alone or as Book 7 in the series.