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Prince Martin Wins His Sword: A Classic Tale About a Boy Who Discovers the True Meaning of Courage, Grit, and Friendship #1


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Can a boy be a Hero-Brave, Loyal, and True? In a sudden emergency, what will he do?

Here’s a tale to return kids to simpler times. It appears to be prose-but it secretly rhymes. Illustrations in color pop right off the page! Even boys that hate reading are sure to engage!

Martin goes on a quest. Ah, but why would he bother? He must prove he has traits of a knight to his father! Only then will this Prince get his princely reward: the one thing he longs for-his very own sword.

In the depths of the forest, the boy sees a stranger-someone frightened and helpless, in desperate danger!

Foes are closing in quick on their powerless prey…

…but the bravest of creatures is barring the way!

Martin takes this all in from the cover of trees. His heart’s begun racing! He’s weak in the knees!

How much aid can a ten-year-old youngster provide?

Will he help or run home?

Martin has to decide!

Ah, and YOU must choose too: will you act-or delay?

Bring delight to a child! Buy your copy today!

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