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The Adventures of Nick and Sam – View from the Top

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Nicolas (Nick) and Samantha (Sam) Perry are twins. They moved with their parents, their brother Andrew, and their sister Lizzy, to the Colorado town of Hope Springs. The likeable and engaging characters reflect the sensibilities and struggles of being Catholic in the quirky small town of Hope Springs, and in the many adventures that make the teachings of the Church come alive.

In View from the Top, the sixth book of The Adventures of Nick & Sam series, the Perry twins are looking forward to summer. As the school year comes to an end, Nick and Sam are already caught up in new beginnings. Not only are they packing for a move, but Nick begins to wonder if he’s good at anything and Sam struggles to help two people she loves through their troubles. Together, the twins discover that how they deal with inflatable castles, bad throws, and difficult decisions often depends on having the right point of view. It’s a lesson for everyone in this exciting and fun-filled story.

Ages 6 and up.