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Not Without Parables


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Stories of Yesterday, Today and Eternity

Catherine Doherty believed that stories help us to understand the deep truths about life, because they are closer to life than mere ‘ideas’. Gathered here are three types of parables, or stories that reveal the mysterious presence of God in the persons and events.

In her ‘Pilgrim Stories,’ Catherine brings us around the fireside of her childhood home in the Russia of old, where she sat wide-eyed at the feet of holy pilgrims who had knocked on her parents’ door asking for food and shelter on their way to and from shrines.

In her ‘Blue Door Stories’, Catherine shows how our very ordinary life witnesses to Christ and changes the world through this witnessing, through stories of faith-building incidents from her years as a pioneer of the lay apostolate.

Finally, her ‘How Stories’ show us the fruits of Catherine’s powerful imagination, brought forth in parables which symbolize the eternal truths of the spiritual life.

This new edition includes four new stories and beautiful folk art illustrations.