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God’s Wondrous Love: A Hands-On Religion Resource Packet

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This supplemental religion resource for first grade is designed to help your child “take to heart” the catechism lessons he is learning. God’s Wondrous Love has a special focus on prayer and seeks to promote a personal relationship with God through inspiring images, thought-provoking stories, and hands-on activities. Note: the course is not intended to replace your child’s catechism lessons but to develop and enrich them. 20 lessons.

The full-color consumable PACKET includes the templates, color images, and other illustrative materials needed to complete the projects described in the Book. 8½”×11″ Full color. Tear-off pad, shrink-wrapped. 120 pgs.

Packet only.


A family or group using God’s Wondrous Love will only need to purchase one Book, while each student using the course will need his own Packet. Lessons are designed to be completed at a rate of one per week, for 20 weeks, but they can be accelerated to several lessons per week if desired.


Available mid-June 2020