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Image of God: Grade 5 Our Mission of Love Updated 2nd Edition**


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Updated 2nd Edition

Updated texts are listed on the USCCB’s Conformity Listing. Texts were updated to give a more in-depth and expansive explanation of what it means to be created in God’s image.

Perform-a-text combines text and activity in one book. Clear, comprehensive and interesting presentation of the Catholic Faith based on seven key concepts: God, Creation, Christ, Church, Grace, Sacraments and Commandments. Stories from Scripture, lives of the saints and contemporary situations give students Catholic role models and examples of living the faith. The lessons are complimented by colorful illustrations.

THEME: Emphasizing Christ, Church, and Sacraments, the student study the creation of human beings as images of God: mind, will, and body. Original sin is discussed in conjunction with Jesus’ mission to redeem us and to act as prophet, priest, and king. Special emphasis is on the Church and how she carries on Jesus’ mission of love. Through the Church, Jesus touches us in the sacraments and strengthens us to carry on His mission of love. Death and life after death are treated

Teacher’s manuals are very detailed, thorough, full of practical ideas, and choices of activities. The establishing of a ‘sacred space’ in the classroom is explained. Suggestions are provided to encourage the students to create a religion journal to express in writing their reflections on the lesson topic.

  • Review questions (found in the student text) stimulate classroom dialogue and help children verbalize what they have learned.
  • Liturgical and Holiday lessons help children participate in the Church year. A lesson on sacramentals helps students become familiar with some of the prayers, acts and objects recommended to us by the Church. Prayer service suggestions build a spirit of community as children pray together spontaneous and formal prayers.
  • Living the Lesson sections relates concepts of faith to everyday living.

The teacher manuals also include cross-references to the CCC and referencing to the YOUCAT, vocabulary, choice of activities and prayers to know. The Appendix includes Unit Family Notes as take home material to stimulate family activities and unit assessments that (along with the lesson review questions) may be used as gradable material to assess the students comprehension.

For sample pages please visit www.imageofgodseries. com or click here.

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