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Image of God: Grade 7 Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life Updated 2nd Edition**


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Updated 2nd Edition on USCCB Conformity Listing

Perform-a-text combines text and activity in one book. Clear, comprehensive and interesting presentation of the Catholic Faith based on seven key concepts: God, Creation, Christ, Church, Grace, Sacraments and Commandments with special emphasis on God, creation, Christ and the Commandments. Numerous Scripture references provide the students with a rich scriptural foundation. Lives of the saints and contemporary situations give students Catholic role models and examples of living the faith. Writing exercises, activities and review questions provide the students with opportunities to express what they have learned. The lessons are complimented by colorful illustrations.

THEME: Emphasizes the dignity of each human being as an image of God. Students explore the possible vocations. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus are reviewed by studying Jesus’ offices of priest, prophet, and king. The development of a well-formed conscience is aided by a detailed study of each of the Ten Commandments. The Mass and liturgical articles are also examined. Cross-references to the YOUCAT are included.
Teacher’s manuals are very detailed, thorough and full of practical ideas.

  • Review, discussion questions, and activities stimulate classroom dialogue and help children verbalize what they have learned.
  • Cross-references to the CCC, Unit vocabulary, unit and lesson objectives provide the emphasis of the lesson
  • Living the Lesson sections relates concepts of faith to everyday living.
  • Suggested time allotment for one-day-a-week and five-days-a-week are provided

The teacher manual Appendix includes prayers to know, Unit Family Notes which may be sent home to stimulate family discussion and activities and Unit Assessments which may be used as gradable material to assess the student comprehension.

For sample pages please visit http://www.imageofgo or click here.

Keywords: Image of God, Jesus, the Way, Truth, Life, Grade 7, Student Text

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