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The Means of Grace

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Previously published under the title Mass and the Sacraments.

Newly re-published by Seton Press – now with a new easy-to-read font, and full color graphics.

In this second book in his series A Course in Religion for Catholic High Schools Fr. John Laux’s timeless text thoroughly explains the foundations of Catholic doctrine regarding the Sacraments, the Sacrifice of the Mass, Sacramentals, and Indulgences. After reading , students will enjoy a fuller, more profound grasp of the gift of our Catholic faith. Topics include the Scriptural basis of each Sacrament, the matter and form, the development of doctrine, and the effects of each particular sacrament on the soul.

Used in Seton’s “Mass and the Sacraments” Course for High School. Imprimatur. 8.5 x 11 inches. 105 pp.