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Father at Night**


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 Father at Night

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Michael O’Brien and his wife Sheila have six children and live near Combermere, Ontario, Canada. In Father at Night, the author describes the challenges, triumphs, and defeats of the vocation of fatherhood lived in circumstances ranging from difficult to impossible. In doing so, he illuminates the meaning of fatherhood as a path to holiness and the role of children in bringing their parents to adult maturity.

“… the family seems at times a hospital, a prison, a boarding house and a mental institution. It is all of these and more, of course. It is a place of ‘fearful beauty’, packed to the full with every emotion imaginable, with moments of brilliant illumination and dark squalor, with limitless opportunities for heroism and for sin. … It is the great school of the soul.” ~Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien is a well-known self-taught painter and author. He has worked as a professional artist since 1970 and has held more than 40 exhibits across North America. He is the author of ten novels which have been translated into several foreign languages, and his first published novel, Father Elijah, has been a worldwide bestseller. He has written numerous other books and essays. Waiting: Stories for Advent, Remembrance of the Future: Reflections on our Times, and Winter Tales are also published by Justin Press.


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