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The Last Crusader: A Novel about Don Juan of Austria

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Don Juan of Austria, one of history’s most triumphant and inspiring heroes, is reborn in this opulent novel by Louis de Wohl.

Because of the circumstances of his birth, this last son of Emperor Charles the Fifth spent his childhood in a Spanish peasant’s hut. Acknowledged by King Philip as his half-brother, the attractive youth quickly became a central figure in a Court where intrigues and romances abounded. Don Juan’s intelligence, kindness and devout attachment to the Church enabled him to live unscathed in an environment of luxury, violence and treachery.

De Wohl paints in brilliant color scenes at the Court of King Philip, Juan’s campaign against barbaric Moriscos in Andalusia, and the amazing climatic victory at Lepanto where he saved the Christian world from Islamic dominance.

The Last Crusader abounds in vivid scenes and characters. De Wohl dramatically retells such unforgettable scenes and characters as the sadistic Prince of Asturias, the spirituality of Fray Juan de Calahorra, the scheming of beautiful Princess Ana of Eboli, the barbaric siege of Malta, and Emperor Charles the Fifth waiting for death in his stygian throne room. And especially the heroic story of the incredible victory against great odds in the historic battle at Lepanto.

Here is a novel of high adventure which brings to life the turbulence of the sixteenth century with its conflicts of wickedness and piety, its sins of pride and conquest, its seething heresies and its great faith.

With his strong talent for exciting historical narrative, Louis de Wohl adds another great dynamic novel to his lustrous career.

Louis de Wohl was a highly acclaimed novelist who wrote numerous best selling historical novels on lives of the saints, sixteen of which were made films. His works include Lay Siege to Heaven, Set All Afire, Citadel of God, The Spear, The Joyful Beggar, The Quiet Light, and many others.