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Why God is Hiding


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Atheism and How it Almost Ruined My Life

Patrick Meagher considers the fundamental questions that confront all of us on our solitary pilgrimage; better, he provides short, pithy answers to those troubling questions, answers steeped in common sense and orthodox Christianity.” ~ Ian Hunter, lawyer, columnist and author has practised and taught journalism and law in Canada for 40 years

All teens and young adults need to read this witty, concise and enjoyable book.” ~ Lea Singh, Editor of

PATRICK MEAGHER is an award-winning Canadian journalist and author of Perhaps, I Love You More, a collection of anecdotes about Pope John Paul the Great.
Meagher has worked across Canada for newspapers, magazines and in radio, including CBC, and is the publisher of Farmers Forum, an Ontario agricultural newspaper.
He has worked as an associate editor of, an Australian-based social commentary website, business editor of The Bermuda Sun, and as managing editor of Toronto-based Catholic Register.
He and his wife and their seven children live in Ottawa, Canada.

WHY GOD IS HIDING: Atheism and How it Almost Ruined My Life


  1. My Search For The Meaning Of Life 14
  2. In The Beginning, A “Steady State” Or A “Big Bang”? 19
  3. You Can’t Get Something From Nothing              22
  4. Evolution By Design Or By Accident      24
  5. Atheism, Evolution, And Charles Darwin             28
  6. The Horror Of Darwinist Thinking           32
  7. Pick One: Darwin, Darwinists Or Science             35
  8. Organisms Are Too Complex To Be Accidents    37
  9. Accidents Don’t Make Order From Chaos            39
  10. Can Anything Happen Over Time?       41
  11. Things That Reveal A Design Need A Designer  44
  12. So God, So What?      46
  13. A Watch Needs A Watchmaker              50
  14. The Cambrian Explosion          53
  15. We Do Evolve, Sort Of               55
  16. What If Scientists “Create” Life?           57
  17. The Cell Ain’t Simple                  59
  18. The Odds Of Life Favour A Miracle        63
  19. Alien Creator? Intelligent Designer? God?       67
  20. Aliens Maybe, But God Never                 68
  21. When Science Is Dumb, Theology Picks Up The Slack  70
  22. Einstein’s Blunder     73
  23. Pascal’s Wager: Have I Got  A Deal For You       74
  24. Who Created God?   76
  25. Outside Of Time? Outside Of Space?   80
  26. God Must Exist            82
  27. Why Is God Hiding?  84
  28. Can’t See Him, Can’t Touch Him, But We Contemplate Him     86
  29. Be Still And Know God              88
  30. Beauty Points To God                89
  31. God Gave Me A Miracle            93
  32. Miracles Point To God              97
  33. Ghosts, The Unexplained,And Near-Death Experiences                99
  34. Evil Points To The Supernatural            104
  35. We Know There Is Right And Wrong (Natural Law 101)                106
  36. Why So Many Atheists?            108
  37. Atheists Persuaded By Unknown God And Sex                 111
  38. An Atheist Is Guilty   113
  39. So What Are My Choices?       115
  40. Is Jesus For Real?        118
  41. A Lawyer Argues That Jesus Is God       121
  42. Christianity Good, Christianity Bad   124
  43. Best Arguments Against Christianity Are Christians      126
  44. Why Do Bad Things Happen to good people