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CHC Lesson Plans: 5th Grade

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This unique lesson plan guides you through all core subjects while providing optional electives and activities to engage and challenge a fifth-grade student. The two-page-per-week plans are designed for flexibility and ease of use. The lesson plans also include a wealth of teaching aids: certificates, Independent Study Charts, Saints & Heroes summary forms, and a hands-on study guide to accompany From Sea to Shining Sea.

CHC Lesson Plans for Fifth Grade includes the following unique features:

  • Thirty-Six Weeks of Lesson Plans

Two page-per-week format. Weekly checklist alongside concise, easy-to-read daily plans offer flexibility and guidance. Core subjects are shaded for easy prioritizing, while electives are available for enrichment and/or review.

  • Saints & Heroes Summary Forms

Especially in the formative years, it is important to hold up heroic models for our children to imitate. Biographical accounts of “real heroes” are stirring and engaging, and show children that we too can become saints! Upon completion of each biography, student fills in one of the “Saints & Heroes” summary forms. These beautifully-illustrated forms motivate the student, while also prompting him to think about what he has read and apply it to his own life.

  • Hands-On Study Guide: From Sea to Shining Sea

This guide includes a suggested schedule and hands-on activities to accompany the text From Sea to Shining Sea. To increase the student’s understanding and retention of American history, the study guide provides a wealth of enhancement activities from which to choose, including “Dress-Up Fun,” “Food,” “Map,” “Field Trip,” “Craft,” “Music,” and much more!

36 weeks. 154 pgs. Loose-leaf drilled, shrink-wrapped.