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Catholic Heritage Curriculum Level 1 – Core Materials

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First Grade Core Kit

Here are the Lesson Plan and all core materials.

  • Lesson Plans
    • CHC Lesson Plans: First Grade
  • Phonics and Reading
    • Little Stories for Little Folks Phonics Program
    • What Do You Like to Do?
    • What Can You Do?
  • Spelling and Grammar
    • My Very First Catholic Speller
  • Penmanship and Phonics
    • Catholic Heritage Handwriting 1
  • Science and Health
    • Behold and See Science 1: On the Farm with Josh and Hanna
  • Mathematics
    • MCP Math A Student Workbook
    • MCP Math A Teacher’s Manual – not available from Blue Mantle
  • Religion
    • Faith and Life 1 Student Text
    • Faith and Life 1 Activity Book
    • Faith and Life 1 Answer Key
  • Hands-On Religion
    • God’s Wondrous Love Book
    • God’s Wondrous Love Packet
  • Non-Core Materials
    • Art Masterpieces: Childhood Collection Teaching Booklet
    • Art Masterpieces: Childhood Collection Art Cards
  • Enrichment
    • God’s Love Story
    • Onions in My Boots
    • Coloring with the Saints


  1. Little Stories for Little Folks Phonics Program need not be ordered again if your child has completed the CHC Kindergarten curriculum