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Life Science Daily Lesson Plans


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Two lesson plan options in one! Life Science: Catholic Heritage Edition can be completed over one or two years depending on student’s interest and ability. This lesson plan provides a complete daily schedule for both options! Includes a one-year lesson plan for students with an interest in science or a strong science background, as well as a two-year schedule for those without a strong science background, or with little interest in science. Coordinates reading assignments, exercises, research papers, tests, experiments, and supply lists in a well-organized, attractive format.

Features one-page-per-week detailed daily lesson plans with check-boxes, room for notes, and weekly supply lists. Also included is a Year-At-a-Glance chart and a cumulative supply list for the entire year.

122 pgs. Shrink-wrapped. Loose-leaf, 3-hole drilled.

One-Year: It is recommended that students with an interest in science complete Life Science in one year, preferably in 7th grade. This will leave the student more time for advanced science studies in high school, which could be important if he or she ends up wanting to pursue a career in the sciences.

Two-Year: Completing Life Science over two years is recommended for students who do not have a strong science background, or who have little interest in science. The two-year schedule allows students more time to master difficult concepts, and also leaves more time for hands-on exploration of the topics being studied. Hands-on activities can make science more enjoyable for the diehard “non-science person” and can reawaken the wonder in a student whose interest in science has been killed by boring or outdated texts. Parents are free to supplement the experiments in the workbook with additional field trips and hands-on activities.

Note: These Life Science lesson plans are already included in the Catholic Heritage Curriculum grade 7 lesson plans