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English 7 for Young Catholics 2016 Edition


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 English 7 for Young Catholics grammar workbook effectively immerses the student in the parts of speech. Succinct definitions preface every lesson. Over 200 diagramming examples to reinforce the lessons and help teach the concepts. Well presented material divides the subject into 8 Study Units. Nouns: Kinds, Modification, and Case; Pronouns: Personal, Relative, and Other kinds; Adjectives: Kinds, Limiting, and Comparison; Verbs: Kinds, Qualities, and Correct Use; Adverbs: Kinds and Comparison; Prepositions and Conjunctions; Clauses and Sentences; Punctuation. This is the main text used for the 7th grade English course in the accredited Seton Home Study School curriculum program. Completely Catholic. Color. Copyright 2016. Answer key in book. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 378 pp.