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Art 2 for Young Catholics

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In Art 2 for Young Catholics by Mrs. Ginger Himes, children build confidence and acquire skills as they learn how to draw simple pictures relating to the Catholic Faith. There are nine step-by-step lessons in each of the book’s four units with each unit building upon earlier lessons.

Unit 1 introduces simple shapes. Children learn how to draw nine pictures such as a heart which they then improve upon to draw the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Following each lesson is a master artist’s painting with a brief commentary by Ginger Himes and a story that relates to the lesson’s subject. This draws the attention of the young artist to simple but important elements such as the shape of the hands and feet of Baby Jesus or the donkey’s head on the Holy Family’s way to Egypt.

Unit 2 teaches how to combine simple shapes to draw nine different animals such as the bear that David fought or the deer that led to St. Hubert’s conversion. Unit 3 teaches how to draw very simple portraits of nine different saints including the Blessed Mother and St. Francis. Finally, Unit 4 teaches how to draw nine figures from the Old Testament, such as Elijah calling down fire from Heaven or Esther before the King.

A Note to Parents:Remember all great artists started drawing very simple pictures. This book concentrates on developing the students drawing skills. I believe if you keep the lessons very basic so the child can succeed and be proud of their pictures they will only want to learn more. The very foundation of art is drawing and that is what we will concentrate on.

Full-color. 2012 edition. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft Cover. 151 pp.