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Kindergarten Handwriting for Young Catholics

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 The primary purpose of this first book in the Handwriting for Young Catholic Series is to develop the Kindergarten child’s fine motor skills while teaching proper handwriting strokes for the letters of the alphabet and basic numerals. Capitol manuscript letters are introduced, but the main emphasis is on the proper formation of lowercase manuscript letters. Teaching the lowercase letters reinforces the child’s recognition of letters most commonly used in reading.  

The letters are taught in order of speech development: first the consonants, then the vowels. Handwriting K for Young Catholics was designed to accompany Phonics K for Young Catholics. The order in which the letters are studied is the same in the Phonics book and Handwriting book. Either may be used independently.

Topics covered include: stroke refinement of down-strike lines, backward circles, forward circles, forward lines, slant-stroke lines, and the use of these techniques in drawing all of the capital and lowercase letters, and also numerals. Blue lined. Employs the Zaner-Bloser stroke descriptions format. Full color illustrations. New Second Edition. Copyright 2021. 11 x 8.5 inches. Soft Cover. 205 pp.


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