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Canadian Catholic Culture of Life Unit 1 Lesson Plans


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Grade Level

Unit 1 – Lesson Plans Book


Lessons for four levels- Primary (K-3), Elementary (3-6), Middle School (7-8), and High School (9 & up). As much as possible, the different levels cover the same theme as their own level of ability.  Some can be combined. Use whatever levels are appropriate for your children.

Each week is divided into Culture Studies and Social Studies.  These two avenues can be done consecutively or concurrently as your homeschooling schedule allows.

As the social studies often require standards according to the province, we recommend that you look at our website   These Canadian textbooks are primarily from secular companies, but hopefully they will meet your province’s standards. If you find anything that is not suitable, please let me know.

Included in the high school level of social studies are study programs from If you have a parish that has a subscription or your homeschooling group can get one together, this website is highly recommended for its study programs, movies, books and audio.

The pages are three-hole punched, suitable for a binder.

For Unit 1 the Canadian Social Studies for the primary, elementary and middle school levels cover:

  • Canadian geography and mapwork
  • Canadian capitaland other major cities
  • Canadian mammals
  • Famous Canadians
  • Popular Canadian sports
  • Popular Canadian celebrations
  • Popular Canadian symbols and anthem
  • Canadian landmarks
  • Canadian flag- history and respect due


Music and Art Education

For music, we recommend that you visit the Canadian website-   for their home school products.  Because they have many online benefits, it is better for you to buy from them directly. The advantages of learning to play the piano extend to all avenues of learning as it develops the brain.  Your child will learn about composers as he or she plays their music, thus developing music appreciation.

For more information on why music should be an essential component of your child’s education, see

For art education, we will be studying one or more Canadian artists in each unit. For a more complete art education, please consider the Seton art programs  at each grade or the Art Pacs.

Resources can be found on the Blue Mantle website.  You may want to supplement with a map of Canada, or your favourite Canadian novels.  If you find any good resources, let us know!


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