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Canadian Pioneers


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Read the amazing true stories of five pioneers who helped shape our country. Follow Marie-Anne Gaboury as she treks across Canada with her husband. Learn how Louis Hébert became the first habitant as he made his living as a farmer. All the stories will make you appreciate how this country came to be.

Marie-Anne Gaboury began to travel the country with her husband when he trapped and hunted. She often caused quite a stir when they went into Native camps, since she was the first white female the Native people had seen. Although she lived as her husband did, Marie-Anne always dressed as a French woman. She even carried a flatiron with her wherever she went, so she could press her wrinkled clothing.

One summer, again pregnant, she was riding with Jean-Baptiste across the prairie. Reine was in a cradleboard at her mother’s side. Suddenly Marie-Anne’s horse spied a herd of buffalo. Because it had been ridden in the hunt before, in its excitement the horse began to gallop, with Marie-Anne unable to control it. Jean-Baptiste managed to stop the animal, and a few hours later, their second child was born, right there on the open prairie. He was nicknamed Laprairie.

The next spring, they were captured by Sarcees. Marie-Anne and Jean-Baptiste managed to escape on horseback during the night with their two children. They rode hard for five days. Once they were back at the fort, Marie-Anne saw that the Sarcees had been pursuing them the entire distance. They had barely made it.