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Canadian Saints


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Canadian Saints is a collection of essays on the lives of the fourteen canonized Canadian saints, written by fourteen contemporary Canadian authors of diverse background and a common faith.

In reading the essays that make up this volume, we not only rediscover the great deeds and heroic sacrifices of these holy men and women; we also recognize gratefully their human traits and characteristics that make holiness possible to see and imagine for ourselves. . . . the stories prove the humanity of these servants of God, which is of vital importance for us. We cannot see the presence of Christ in His friends if He does not radiate and shine through their human nature. Christ makes holiness attractive by making holy people attractive to us. . . . If you spend time with them, they will open their hearts to you, and you to them. They will help you to see the one Friend more clearly in all His goodness and truth and beauty. You will not be disappointed.

~Fr. John Horgan