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Life in a Longhouse Village ( Native Nations of North America)


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Children’s author Bobbie Kalman’s new series Native Nations of North America is an ongoing series that looks at the lives of the indigenous peoples of North America before the land was divided into the countries of the United States and Canada. The books focus on geographical areas, language groups, important historical events, as well as village life and homes. Some of the books also explain the impact Europeans had on the lives of native peoples. Every step of the research, writing, and editing process has involved native writers and consultants and has been meticulously checked for cultural sensitivities — and, of course, Bobbie Kalman has put her teaching expertise to work on each book.

The people who lived in the northeastern woodlands belonged to many nations and spoke many languages. This region’s two major language groups were Iroquoian and Algonkian. Some of the nations were friends, and some were not, but they all shared a common way of life — life in a Longhouse Village. All these nations lived in permanent homes and grew crops. They all belonged to clans and each longhouse was the home of a clan. Children will learn about the fascinating lifestyle of these hunting and farming peoples who thanked the Earth each day for its many gifts.

Topics include:
— clan and village life
— how a longhouse was built
— life inside the longhouse
— gifts from the land
— making clothes from hide
— the roles of men, women, children and elders
— games and celebrations