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Schoolhouse in the Woods


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The Fairchild family is here again and this time, Bonnie is old enough to begin the great adventure—School! We join Bonnie in the excruciating anticipation of the first day, when she will wear her new dress, carry a first reader and slate, and-displaying nonchalance as she braves the swinging bridge—enter into the mysteries of schoolroom learning and playground rites in a woodland setting of the early 1900s. Bonnie’s older brother and three sisters, her various classmates and Miss Cora, her teacher, add their liveliness to an eventful season of learning—on every front—in the Kentucky Hills. Rebecca Caudill’s unfailing insights into a child’s heart are enhanced by Decie Merwin’s skillful drawings.

This is the second book in the Fairchild Family Series.

The first book in the series is Happy Little Family.  The third book in the series is Up and Down the River. The fourth book in the series is Schoolroom in the Parlour.

Ages 8 and up

Time Period: Modern Era (1700-1950 A.D.)

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