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The Story of the Philippines-God’s Rampart in Asia


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For the first time, the vibrant and eventful history of the Philippine archipelago is brought to life for students ages 8 through 18 in The Story of the Philippines: God’s Rampart in Asia. Phillip Campbell, author of the Story of Civilization series, has called upon his unique talent as a writer of history and a teller of tales to create this engaging chronicle of the diverse and intriguing peoples who inhabit the 7,000+ of islands of the Philippines.

From the hazy early history of the ancient Philippines, to the arrival of the Spanish and Catholicism; from the galleon trade to the Moro Wars; from the battles of the Philippine Revolution and Spanish-American War, to the Japanese invasion and Independence; from the Marcos dictatorship to the modern-day Filipino diaspora, this book covers the entire panoply of Philippine history in Campbell’s lively, informal style that is sure to appeal to young readers and their parents alike. Including 20 original and historical illustrations, The Story of The Philippines is an engaging way to introduce students to the history of this island nation whose people play an increasingly important role in present-day America and the world. Extensive Index included. Black and White with Illustrations. Copyright 2022. 6 inches x 9 inches. Softcover.  286 pages.