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Fourth Form Latin – Student Workbook**


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The Fourth Form Latin Student Workbook has 4-7 pages of exercises per lesson. These exercises teach concepts through practice and mastery learning, and are presented in a spiral-bound book with an attractive, 2-color format. This Workbook also includes a grammar catechism intended for daily rapid-fire review and reproducible, blank form drills for practice declining and conjugating.

In Fourth Form, the student will master:

  • The locative case
  • Relative and interrogative pronouns
  • Participles, infinitives, gerunds, & gerundives
  • Deponent verbs
  • Irregular verbs, including eo, fero, and volo
  • Syntax: relative clauses, sequence of tenses, indirect questions, indirect statements (accusative with infinitive), gerundive of obligation, and more