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Fourth Form Latin – Teacher Manual**


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The Fourth Form Latin Teacher Manual is an everything-you-could-possibly-need manual. Organized for easy access, it contains Student Text inset with answers in color, “Chalk Talk” scripted lessons, recitation schedule, pronunciation reminders, extensive teaching notes, an “FYI” (For Your Information) section for extra background, and a complete First Form – Third Form recitation.

In Fourth Form, the student will master:

  • The locative case
  • Relative and interrogative pronouns
  • Participles, infinitives, gerunds, & gerundives
  • Deponent verbs
  • Irregular verbs, including eo, fero, and volo
  • Syntax: relative clauses, sequence of tenses, indirect questions, indirect statements (accusative with infinitive), gerundive of obligation, and more