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Escucha y Hablemos Book/CD 3**


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Continuing from the beginner Spanish books.

5 units teaching simple phrases, conversation and vocabulary.  Topics include: seasonal sports; wild animals; community services & activities; setting the table; clothing.

Book 3 – Contents

  • Unit 11 – verb: to be (2 forms), seasonal sports, verb: to play, dialogue, possessive pronouns
  • Unit 12 – wild animals, verb: to live, geographical features, “some”, verb: to see, dialogue
  • Unit 13 – places in a city, numbers, “to” or “at” forms, phrases with “then”, verb: to buy,
  • Unit 14 – place settings at the table, counting, verb: to drink, phrases with “when”, prepositions
  • Unit 15 – items of clothing, counting, “these/those” forms, phrases, verb: to wear, “this/that” forms