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Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls**

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Caryl Houselander is best known for the intensity of her vision of the suffering Christ and His immeasurable love for us, a theme that she frequently spoke of with breathtaking luminosity in her many books about Him. Few know, however, of the many remarkable stories she wrote for Catholic children – delightful tales that are simple but not shallow. Indeed, like her books for adults, they manifest a tender love of Christ and His little ones not commonly found among us these days. Here are twelve of Houselander’s best tales, charmingly illustrated by Renee George’s lively drawings of pirates and princesses, castles and kings. Through the tale of Jack and Jim, even young children will grasp the meaning of Christ’s suffering; in Racia the Gypsy, they’ll discover the charity which is a the heart of the Eucharist; in the Cure’s Guest, they’ll see how Christ makes up for the sins of others.