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Earlybird Kindergarten Math Common Core Edition Teacher Guide A

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Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Common Core Edition helps Kindergarten students build a strong foundation in mathematics through fun-filled lessons and activities. Hands-on tasks, meaningful activities and attractive illustrations rich in mathematical content engage students’ active participation in the learning process.

This Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics series has been updated to align with the Common Core State Standards.

Designed to provide a systematic and focused introduction to essential mathematical concepts and basic reasoning skills, and easy-to-follow guidance in various forms to allow for meaningful intervention by both parents and teachers.

It comprises:

  •     Textbook Parts A and B (includes Math at Home activities)
  •     Activity Book Parts A and B
  •     Teacher’s Guide Parts A and B

The above information is from Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Common Core Edition with permission from the publisher.

Teacher’s Guides A and B are designed to help teachers understand the course material and prepare for the day’s lessons. Detailed, step-by-step lesson plans are provided for the Textbooks and Activity Books. These lesson plans facilitate the integration of the course materials with the lesson. Each Teacher’s Guide is designed to provide suggestion so that teachers can develop mathematical concepts in a systematic, engaging, and fun way.

The Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Teacher’s Guides are recommended primarily for a classroom setting. They can be used and adapted for a home setting, but the activities generally require groups of students or a fair amount of preparation.

In a home setting, it is easier to use alternate activities with whatever material is available, and the concepts taught are simple enough that a guide is generally not required at this level.