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Earlybird Kindergarten Math Common Core Edition Textbook B


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Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Common Core Edition helps Kindergarten students build a strong foundation in mathematics through fun-filled lessons and activities. Hands-on tasks, meaningful activities and attractive illustrations rich in mathematical content engage students’ active participation in the learning process.

This Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics series has been updated to align with the Common Core State Standards.

Designed to provide a systematic and focused introduction to essential mathematical concepts and basic reasoning skills, and easy-to-follow guidance in various forms to allow for meaningful intervention by both parents and teachers.

It comprises:

  •     Textbook Parts A and B (includes Math at Home activities)
  •     Activity Book Parts A and B
  •     Teacher’s Guide Parts A and B

The above information is from Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Common Core Edition with permission from the publisher.

Textbooks A and B are designed to form the foundation level for Primary Mathematics Common Core Edition. Mathematical concepts are developed in a systematic, engaging, and fun way. Every unit comprises several lessons, each with a focused learning outcome. Detailed teaching notes at the bottom of the pages provide guidelines to help teachers develop lessons and concepts systematically. Written exercises that focus on repetition ensure the reinforcement of mathematics facts and concepts. Review/Assess pages at the end of each unit assess the students’ mastery of key learning objectives.

Math at Home activities in tear-out sheets provide opportunities for meaningful family involvement in the students’ leaning process. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for parents are provided in the teaching notes.

Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Common Core Edition Textbooks can be used in both a classroom and home setting. They require parental or teacher involvement. The concepts should be introduced concretely before the pages are used and additional activities may be needed. There are suggestions at the bottom of the page but the parent or teacher should be able to easily understand the concepts being taught and create additional simple concrete activities.

The textbook is meant to be written in.