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Novarre Earth Science: God’s World Our Home Text

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Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home by Kevin Nelstead unites a Christian perspective with up-to-date geological science. Although the author is not Catholic, he understands that faith and reason can never contradict each other, because (as he explains) “All truth is God’s truth.”

This program takes a mastery approach to science, focusing on longterm mastery of the most fundamental concepts of Earth Science, rather than a temporary familiarity with a range of topics too broad to cover in depth. Topics studied include the seasons, lunar phases, and eclipses; minerals and the rock cycle; plate tectonics and mountain building; volcanoes and earthquakes; weathering, erosion, and soils; surface water and groundwater; landforms and glaciers; geologic history; oceanography; the atmosphere; weather and climate; and Christian stewardship.

Earth Science features eight, in-depth Experimental Investigations, which range from rock and mineral identification to studying volcanoes and glaciers with topographical maps.

The Earth Science Resource CD (2016 Edition) is essential for the course and provides the resources normally included in a teacher’s manual, including complete answer keys, quizzes, exams, Weekly Review Guides, and an Experiment Resource Manual.

Textbook: Color illustrations. 501 pgs. Hardcover. 6½”x9½”
Resource CD: PDF files and editable Word .doc files; PC or Mac compatible

Recommended core text in CHC Lesson Plans for Eighth Grade. Tour this title within the Eighth Grade Interactive Guide!