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Phonics 1 for Young Catholics set


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In Phonics 1 for Young Catholics, the young student reviews the letters of the alphabet, their names, their sounds, and how to write them. Then, he explores vowel combinations, consonant blends, and consonant digraphs. His knowledge of phonics combined with a large base of frequently used words provides the student with the necessary tools to advance in the process of reading.

A cast of young characters are present throughout the book. The lessons are filled with colorful drawings, games, rhymes, and other activities to make learning exciting and enjoyable.

Woven throughout Phonics 1 for Young Catholics are alphabet verses and illustrations. As the parent/teacher reads the verses out loud to the student, the child listens for comprehension and rhyming words while reinforcing wholesome and Catholic values.

The complete Grade 1 Phonics Curriculum has several components in addition to the Phonics 1 for Young Catholics workbook. The other materials are an integral part of the program as they provide a review of the phonics concepts in engaging formats. These additional materials are referenced by icons at the bottom of pages in the workbook so that you know when to use these materials. See also the new Spelling 1 for Young Catholics 3rd Ed. that pairs with these new Phonics Books.