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Phonics K for Young Catholics Kindergarten

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In Phonics K for Young Catholics, the young student takes his first steps into the world of reading. He learns to recognize letters of the alphabet, their names, their sounds, and how to write them. With this knowledge, he combines the sounds of letters to form words, and so begins the process of reading.

A cast of young characters guides and teaches the young student with colorful drawings, games, and rhymes. Little books and many other activities are included to guarantee that Phonics K for Young Catholics will make these first steps the beginning of a most exciting and enjoyable journey.

Woven throughout Phonics K for Young Catholics are pictures and poems of events in a Catholic child’s life. As the parent/teacher reads these out loud to the student, the child listens for comprehension and rhyming words while reinforcing wholesome and Catholic values. Copyright 2020. Full Color. 317 pp.