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Apostolic Farming


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The earth is weeping… how can we heal it?

The heavy treads of our modern machinery pound the earth into submission — our society has become expert at efficiently taking from the earth, but what do we give the earth in return? Is this the proper stewardship of the earth that God has entrusted us with?

Concerns are growing about genetically engineered “superfood” and pesticide use.

Animals are being cloned for use as organ donors, and human cloning may be just around the corner.
The panic over “Mad Cow Disease” is a chilling example of the real price which we may all pay for cows being fed cheaply instead of nutritiously.

In this remarkably prophetic work, Catherine Doherty helps shed some light on these important issues, with practical, down-to-earth guidance for farmers everywhere—whether you are a backyard gardener or industry professional.
Drawing on experience of her father’s extensive farm in twentieth century Russia, Catherine Doherty pleads for integrity in making the earth fecund with healthy foods. Written from the perspective of a small farm named “St. Benedict Acres” developed by and for Madonna House (the community founded by the author), this book urges farmers to integrate Christianity into their farming, into the care of their portion of the Lord’s vineyard.

“Last fall, we took a scenic drive to Madonna House to meet the people at St. Benedict Acres… We were warmly greeted, and invited to have a big lunch. After lunch there was a short spiritual reading and then the men dispersed back to work in the field… We were touched by a deep peace of God’s love with this community. We were impressed how this community village is also quite self-sufficient. The tour was very enjoyable… the warmth shared from the people was very easy to sense and the cross on the peak of the hill gave me a peaceful feeling of how we can work the land in harmony.” — Ruth Freeman, The Draft Horse Connection